Sunday, November 1, 2009

Oh Hello There

Wheeoo! By nothing but sheer divine providence, my last jaunt through Columbus landed me with AN EXACT REPLICA OF MY OLD VORTEX BOWL! Pretty neat, huh?

In celebration, I have smoked already, but this night I have to study for chemistry, and shouldn't spend any time at all on the internet really. I'll give you a hint though: Bailey's Chocolate and Sour Apple. Ye shall see.

ALSO last night (Halloween) my foster dog got hit by a car! He's fine. He just got struck by a van and then he ran all the way home at top speed and then let me clean all his wounds without even wimpering. He got hit head on and the only mark in or on him are cuts on his legs.
Basically, Tanner is made of adamantium.
We should put it on his page on the Canine Collective site: "Meet Tanner! He is an 8-month old shepherd/cattle dog mix with boundless energy and a love for cuddling and other dogs. Neutered, up-to-date vaccinations, indestructible."

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