Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I DON'T LIKE GRAVY. There. I said it.

I don't like it, typically I think grey foods on the whole are gross. Gravy smells like brown and fat, and that's mostly what it is. Some of my favorite webcartoonists, bloggeurs, and family members live for the stuff but I don't. I made 5 pies today, you think I'm gonna fill up on animal drippings first? Yeah. No please.

All this comes to light because since being home I haven't smoked much - mom really looks down on it and my most recent friend hostess isn't too keen either - so I am behind in my journal.

I am thankful for my boyfriend, the many factors including family and schooling allowing me to go to the Galapagos in May, knowing the value of working for a living, DVR, and improv, and spirals.

Now to finish Ghost Hunters and resist falling asleep on the couch. Much love!!

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