Monday, November 16, 2009

Wanted: Snappy Title for smooth, Thanksgiving-ripe blend

Last Tuesday: Made up a Chemistry exam
Last Friday: Geology exam, Chem quiz
Tomorrow (Tues.): Another Chem exam
Wednesday: Making up an Econ exam
Thursday: Gender & Identity quiz
Friday: Chem quiz
Jesus, it's as if I'm still catching up from having H1N1 or something. How gross.

Other than that things are good, and I've been spending time with lady friends instead of just the boys (and Stacey) in improv. It's surprisingly refreshing, given ow my entire childhood has led me to the conclusion that though boys are dumb, they're a lot easier to be around than girls, who are to varying degrees all batshit insane.

*rifles through notebook* Do I have any straight flavors for you today? Lessee... no! I've got some catching up to do it seems.

Becky's Shisha Kitchen!
Recipies of Delicious Smoking
I need a name for this one fellows! Yeah, you, the ones that leave ceaseless comments on every post. *sigh* I can dream, right?

Spiced. Chocolate. Rum. Is it a thing? No not really. But it's delicious in tobacco. Mix equal parts Chocolate, Irish Cream, and Pumpkin Pie and you're down for something Autumny, to be assured.
THE RESULT: Definite thickness to the taste. At first it's kind of like burnt chocolate or spiced chocolate which I'm a fan of. The Irish Cream is subtle, doing more for the texture than the flavor - and that is making it very creamy and even lightening it up. Chocolate and Pumpkin Pie kind of switch hit as the main component and that's okay.
It went over real well in my circle, if I do say so myself.
Chocolate + Pumpkin Pie + Irish Cream = ___Name me pls.___

Now get outta my kitchen.

Also! Just (i.e. while in the process of writing this) made an exciting purchase... snagged one of the finalists from the HookaH-HookaH [.com] Blend Off competition! Wasn't going to spring for the whole 10-pack of finalists (though by God you should if you have money I don't becuse they sound DELICIOUS every one) but I chose Mad Hatter for the sheer wet dreams factor of the ingredients/description. Also got a little 50g 5-er because they'd just sent me a 10% of coupon code. To include: Acai, Chai, Orange, Hazelnut and Spearmint. Whoo hoo! 6 guaranteed-to-be-perfect flavors for $25 including outrageous online shipping? I'll call it a win.

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