Friday, August 6, 2010

I'm Going on Vacation!

"Where ya goin', Becky?" I can hear you asking. I can also hear you saying how cute and sexy and hilarious and smart I am, and I can only remind you that I am spoken for.

The answer to your query is Approximately, Nowhere. An intended visitation to our relatives in the Chicago area got flubbed and snubbed and re-dubbed and we are now heading to the thriving metropolis of Approximately, capital of Nowhere.

Actually we'll be be-bopping around Evansville, IN seeing the zoo and a minor league baseball game, and a mall or something, and then Indianapolis, IN seeing another zoo, and the Hard Rock Cafe, and a mall or something and then heading home.

So as though we could call the previous three posts a "hot streak" it has officially ended and I won't even be smoking hookah and not reporting on it like I have been... I'll just be not smoking hookah to begin with.

Love you though, and wish me luck,