Friday, November 20, 2009


Hi all! This moment marks the beginning of my Thanksgiving Break! And I will celebrate byyy... SMOKING AT LEAST 3 BOWLS OF SHISHA IN A ROW.
I just got my shipment from hookah-hookah and al of a sudden I had a bazillion more Shisha Kitchen ideas. Chiefly based off of the names and/or colors of the given names, admittedly. I did that before I even owned my hookah, when my only dabbling had been in cafes and the like. But now I can picture flavors together and be like "Hey! That could have a title resembling a pun AND it would be DELICIOUS!"
Iii'm excited.
First on the docket for this evening is the Mad Hatter from that competition I cited. Review later. Next will be something called "Purple Haze" and then "White Out," both official premier mixes.

Today's review is White Grape though. Nur.

HookaH-HookaH - White Grape
In the box: Tart smelling but definitely not sour like the Key Lime Pie. I'd say like grae juice but I'm a drinker of reds, m'self.
In the bowl: Definitely not a sweet flavor really. Well I mean it's kind of sweet but to me it leans towards the semi-fermented champagne type of grape. Not bad at all! A non-intense non-fruit fruit tobacco. I'm a big fan. Light on flavor, as was its smell but that suits it.
star star star star star
Hookah-Hookah White Grape: 4/5 stars

See you later tonight!

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