Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Era of the H-H 10-pack

It wasn't unexpected or anything, I mean, I'd bought it days prior, BUT I am excited about it nonetheless. It means that despite my ripped apart fingertips and my ever dirtening room and my, oh, schoolwork, I will be ceasing all human function to smoke my hookah at the drop of a hat.

In this package of 10 Hookah-Hookah 50g pots there was: Pomegranate, Blackberry, Rose, White Grape, 7-Spice, Pumpkin Pie, Key Lime Pie, Margarita, Chocolate, and Double Apple. I also purchased a little 50 of Irish Cream when I was doing Gallery Hop in Columbus the other night. Let's light that one up, shall we?

HookaH-HookaH - Irish Cream
In the box: Juicy! I made the mistake of popping it open just to smell it before I got it home, and when I did get it home, I discovered it had leaked out all into my pocket. At least my coat smells delicious now. The smell, when you put your nose to the stuff, is very strong, almost too strong. But it is what it is, I could tell it was an Irish Cream. Originally it came in little nuggets of the finest-shredded shisha you'll ever come across. Broke those up and got excited.
In the bowl: Yum! Not nearly as strong as the smell and I think I'm glad. Clouds are fantastic. In-going and aftertaste both very creamy and true-to-flavor. At a point, it tasted kind of soapy and less full-bodied but I think that's because I had leftover Nakhla from the night/smoke before (like I said! Half of it doesn't even dry out!) and I had pushed all that into a corner of my bowl. Very satisfied on the whole. This juicy, runny shisha made me glad I have a vortex bowl to let me forgo rigorous stem brushing and get off with a simple rinse. ALSO, the benefit of the fine rip on this and reportedly all H-H flavors is that with even preliminary temperature control, you get equal heating top-to-bottom and minimal burning. Nooo more wasted or incinerated shisha, huzzah!
star star star star star
Hookah Hookah Irish Cream: 4/5 stars
+ Chocolate + Pumpkin Pie = _Unnamed Autumn mix_!

You know what we should all do now? Watch more Lady Gaga Videos. I mean homework and room cleaning.
But I mean look how crazy she is!!! So... many... leotards...

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