Monday, October 12, 2009

Buzz buzz buzz

I just smoked 2 bowls in a row (of the stuff I talk about, I don't do the wacky tobaccy) and I feel fine 'n' dandy.
Not much to say really, other than Lady Gaga's talk at the Gay Pride March shot a bunch of holes in my "I Can't Fucking Stand Her But Her Videos Are Candy" argument, leaving me immersed in a state of "Well She's Pretty Much My Cup Of Tea It Seems But WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS HAPPENING IN THIS VIDEO I'VE BEEN WATCHING IT ON A LOOP FOR 9 HOURS AND I STILL DON'T KNOW." Cause man, I freaking love GLBT-ism. Funnily enough, Meghan McCain has made my favorite argument on the recent developments thus far. Damn do I love a liberal Republican. Sometimes.
She is the one that, while on the Colbert Report, admitted that the Republican party "wasn't doing itself any favors" with the candidates it keeps nudging. She went on to say that most college-age kids like me were staying away from the GOP like the plague (paraphrasing) because of the face these candidates make for the party. I was transfixed. I love that she blogs. I love that on the same site, the Daily Beast, Glen Beck is likened to a snake oil salesman. That's all the Reps need in my mind... more bloggers and an inherent disinclination to take Glen Beck seriously.

Furthermore, I know nothing of nothing about politics so let's talk about shisha instead, eh?

HookaH-HookaH - Key Lime Pie
In the box: It's amazing how sour something can smell. I've never really experienced and so never realy thought of it as an olifactory experience outside of bad dairy. First whif there's not much of anything then your nose is like "WOWZERS! That's a sour lime right there!" Exactly like key lime pie, though. Yummy. Super-fine H-H rip aaas always. Pretty soon I'll stop mentioning it.
In the bowl: Not a punch-in-the-face flavor, but after it's subtlety it tastes pretty true. The smell has more power than the taste. After a few passes of the hose it gets... candle-ish? Not soapy per se, but not especially key lime pie-y either. Mildly disappointing. I want to try it with chocolate because of a delicious confection I had once. (Freeze the pie, dip in chocolate, serve to drooling onlookers.) I was eating green apple Sour Punch Straws at the time and sadly for the shisha, that was what was doing it the most favors. Windy as hell, or else the clouds would have been something to shake a stick at.
+ chocolate = Fair Fare 1, Chocolate-dipped pie!
(And a hefty 5 stars. The key lime flavor explodes all of a sudden when you add chocolate and it's a smooth, desery smoke.)
star star star star star
Hookah-Hookah Key Lime Pie: boosted to 3/5 stars cause it's just so damn mixable.

Hey guys so I'm eating Spaghettios and going to bed. This week is a 2-day week at school, for mid-semester break. "Wingo" as Dale Gribble would happily exclaim.

P.S. Internet... here's me!

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