Wednesday, October 7, 2009

7 Spites

Sigh. Let me iterate my feelings on Hookah-Hookah 7-Spice with a haiku.
My disappointment
Seven spice, full of anise
Where's the other 6?

I elaborate:
I hate black licorice. I hate it. Ever watch me stumble across a licorice Jelly Belly? I spit profusely regardless of whether or not there's a napkin on hand. I had heard a review that said H-H 7-Spice was balanced and cinnamony. "Like a more herbal red hot." The reviewer said he was expecting a lot of anise but there was surprisingly little. I was so excited. Alas...

HookaH-HookaH - 7-Spice
In the box: Initial cinnamon, then almost immediate licorice. Neither is too face-melting though. Ultra fine shred, ultra wet, funny little nuggets.
In the bowl: Mellow, fine, almost sweet at first but not spicy. LICORICY. Anisey. The three people I was smoking with were all about it, but I couldn't finish the bowl. On a few hits it was a bit cinnamony going in, but only vaguely. Then on the exhale it was all licorice, getting more intense on subsequent exhales after passing the hose. I had to call it quits. I took half of the bowl out (the coal hadn't been anywhere near that half yet) and mixed in some of my Nakhla mint and was able to finish in relative peace, though the clouds made a sacrifice. The mint's flat out coldness, the "winter in my throat" effect as my one friend put it, countered pretty nicely the relentless, crawling, sticks-around-like-mold effect of the becursed anise.
+ mint = Tolerable!
hypothesis: +cinnamon +chai = Actual 7-Spice?
star star star star star
Hookah-Hookah 7-Spice: 1.5/5 stars,
because I need to mix it but haven't mixed it much yet.

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