Sunday, October 18, 2009

Double your pleasure?

Whenever I say "not much to say really..." I wind up going on a longer and longer tirade. But this time I mean it. I had a long weekend at home and I'm not in a spectacular mood and I have a review of a flavor that really made me pleased. So allow me to brief you on my lifespace and get to the thing that Google brought you here for:

- Catholic funerals: Dog-and-pony shows. Sit stand call response speak offer communion lather rinse repeat. Aye aye aye, can I just get to the mourning already?
- Tomboy blonde baby cousins: Freaking adorable. (Her mom: I told her it looks stringy. Cadan: It's not stringy it looks awesome.) She wants to play football. A million huzzahs.
- My current foster dog: Love him to pieces. Giving this one up will finally break my heart. But he deserves a great family and I know there's one for him.
- My ability to type: Dwindling by the day.

HookaH-HookaH - Double Apple
In the box: Can't place the smell. Apple juice? At least I don't smell licorice. Could just be denial. Maybe red licorice as a matter of fact? But at least not anise black.
In the bowl: Pleasant surprise! Across the hookah nation, Double Apple of any brand has been synonymous with Black Licorice. I banked on one online reviewer that told me H-H wouldn't follow suit. Then all my other flavors started bowing to the Anisian god and I thought my lofe was ruined. But you were right, internet peon! Hookah-Hookah Double Apple is SWEET! Slightly apply and just barely Rose-like over the back of the palate. I've always thought Rose tastes mostly like Purel but it plays very nicely with the muted sweetness. It's not as sweet, as bold, as ostensibly fruity as I tend to prefer, but I'm thrilled to the point of pants-wetting that this thick, ring-able smoke is also so laid back and true to taste.
star star star star star
Hookah-Hookah Double Apple: 4/5 stars!

My only complaint, a blanket statement to the H-H firm: It's time for one of your flavors to really pack a wallop on its own. You have something in those little plastic containers that smells like Candy Land, or an orchard, or my freaking grandmother's kitchen. Then all of a sudden when it's time to smoke, flavor decreases five-fold from smell. Why, H-H? I implore you, get that shit on my tongue. Don't be so goddamn coy.

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