Friday, January 1, 2010


In case you haven't noticed, I'm at home again and nobody wants to smoke with me. Poooooop.

I'm going to Oberlin tomorrow! I like it there a lot instead of hating it there! It's where my boyfriend lives! Whee!

This is basically just a shoutout to my lady McLane, who reads this blog very diligently but can never comment cause she's real real bad at the Internet. Pah ha! She's the best at other things though, so, I guess we don't have to make fun of her for too many days.

Also, I just don't care about the Bearcats and how they're failing. Everyone on my current Facebook feed does. Call me a bad Cincinnatian if you want to, I guess... But MY team is in the playoffs right now. WHO DEY. (That's another shoutout to McLane, whose "team" lost more games this season than they did in the previous two. And that's the real advantage to her not being able to comment here.)

Poit. You know. It's what Pinky says besides "Narf."

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